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Management Regulations of Venue and Facility Use and Charge at Tainan Public Library

Fu-Fa-Gui-Zi Letter No.1000948801A issued by the Tainan City Government on December 12, 2011
Fu-Fa-Gui-Zi Letter No.1080229974A amended by the Tainan City Government on February 26, 2019

Article 1. These Regulations are enacted by Tainan City Government (“Government”) as a means to promote social education and make the best use of various facilities at Tainan Public Library (the Library).
Article 2. The facilities referred to these Regulations include the Black Box Theater, Music Practice Rooms, Ladder Classrooms, Multifunction Rooms, Exhibition Halls, and the Yancheng Library Multifunction Room.
Article 3. Government bodies, schools, government-approved legal persons, unincorporated associations, or individuals (the Applicant) that require the use of facilities for the following purposes may apply to the Library:
1. Events pertaining to the promotion of reading.
2. Events related to culture, art, and music.
3. International, academic or educational seminars, forums, or conventions.
4. Other events or conventions, duly approved by the Library, pertaining to community services or the arts.
Article 4. The Applicant must submit the completed application form with the requisite supporting documents to the Library. Applications must be submitted within two months of and up to two weeks before the start of the event.
Article 5. Applications will be declined if any one of the following conditions apply. Where the application has been approved, the Applicant will be prohibited from using the facility in question and face legal consequences:
1. The actual event is different from that described in the application; or the applicant transfers the facility to others.
2. The event violates laws, public order or good morals, or adversely affects public safety.
3. The event will potentially cause damage to the Library’s construction, infrastructure, and equipment.
4. Other conditions deemed inappropriate by the Library.
Article 6. When applying for the use of the Library’s facilities for events or conventions, the Applicant must, within the stipulated period, pay the venue rent, air-conditioning fee, rehearsal, setup and dismantling fee in full. Fees shown in the Table.
Article 7. Fees paid by the Applicant are non-refundable. Where one of the following circumstances apply, part or all of the fees paid may be refunded:
1. Where an unforeseen event occurs and the borrower decides not to use the venue, and the Library is notified more than 7 days prior to the scheduled date, all fees paid will be refunded; where the Library is notified within 7 days prior to the scheduled date, half of the fees paid will be refunded.
2. If the venue is not used as expected due to a force majeure event, all fees paid during the period may be refunded.
3. If there is a special requirement that the Library must retrieve the venue, the Applicant shall be notified for rescheduling; if rescheduling cannot be made, all fees paid will be refunded.
Article 8. Applicants holding an event that meet one of the following requirements may be exempted from the venue fee, air-conditioning fee, as well as rehearsal, setup and dismantling fees:
1. Charity events with their revenue used for charitable purposes in compliance with applicable laws and regulations with supportive evidence.
2. Events organized by the Government and subordinate agencies and schools, excluding graduations.
Article 9. Prior to using the venue, the Library may require the approved applicant to purchase coverage for fire insurance, public liability insurance or other insurance in connection with using a venue or organizing an event.
The insurance should cover the period starting from the time of the setup until the venue is fully restored to its original condition.
The Applicant shall submit a copy of the insurance contract stated in the first Paragraph to the Library for future reference; failure to take out insurance may result in the Library revoking the Applicant’s permission to use the venue.
Article 10. The Applicant must comply with the following while using a venue:
1. Lighting, audio equipment and other equipment may not be switched on without the consent of the Library.
2. The consent of the Library must be gained prior to installing lighting or other electrical equipment.
3. If it is necessary to display posters or other promotional materials at the venue, it should be done so at the area designated by the Library.
Extra care must be taken for the maintenance of the Library’s venue and equipment and should be restored to its original condition once finished. The Applicant is liable for any damage caused. The Applicant may not apply to organize an event within two years if a serious breach of these rules occurs.
Article 11. These Measures shall be effective immediately upon date of promulgation.

1. Applications to be made during the opening hours of each library.
2. The use of time shall be counted from the time of setup until the venue is restored to its original condition. It is billed by the full hour if finished within an hour.
3. Fees shall be paid in full before use; no installments are allowed.
4. Overtime charges - overtime charges are exempted for overtime less than 30 minutes; if overtime exceeds 30 minutes, it is billed by the full hour. Overtime entering the second hour shall be billed per 30 minutes; after each additional 30 minutes, the full hour will be billed plus the additional charge of the venue/air conditioning. Fees are calculated according to each venue item in the table. Overtime fees shall be paid within 3 days after an event ends. It may be postponed for one day if it is a national holiday or if the Library is closed.
5. Special notes on Black Box Theater fees
(1) The Black Box Theater is an open space located at the Reading Area where both spaces share the same air conditioning system; therefore, air-conditioning fees are not charged. When the theater is in use, curtains may be provided to isolate the Reading Area.
(2) Rehearsals, setup or dismantling on the day of the official performance are free of charge an hour prior to the performance or an hour after the performance; additional fees for rehearsal, setup or dismantling will be billed after an hour.
(3) Rehearsal, setup or dismantling for non-official performances that finish within an hour will be billed by the full hour. Overtime entering the second hour shall be billed per 30 minutes; after each additional 30 minutes, the full hour will be billed.
6. Special notes on the discounted price
  As a means to encourage students to create music and use the facilities, parts of the Hsu Shih Music Library are discounted to students. Applicants are eligible to enjoy the discounted price after providing a valid student card and being approved by the Library, otherwise, a student is billed at the regular price.
7. The Library is entitled to review, approve, revoke, terminate, and withdraw any application. The Library has the right to suspend use on the spot if the venue is used for purposes other than those stated on the application, or if it violates regulations or social order.
※To apply for a venue, please download the application form at Tainan Public Libraries website. After filling it out, please send it to ttwen@tnml.tn.edu.tw or FAX it to (06)2210826.