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Maximum checkout items and period

See the following table and description for the maximum checkout, reserved and interlibrary loan (ILL) items and pickup deadline.

1.Book for adults: Include books for adults and bound periodicals.
2.Other materials: including children’s book, current periodicals (the latest issue is not available for checkout), audio book, books for youths, books recommended by community college instructors and the books for the mobile library.
3. The maximum checkout items and period for general readers apply to readers for the original Xinyin Cultural Center Public Library and branch libraries such as the community children, school library card applicants, very young children (ages 0-6) and children.

II. Renewal service:
Books borrowed with group library cards may not be renewed. Books borrowed with other types of library cards may be renewed once if they are not reserved.
1. The due date shall be recalculated from the day following the renewal day. It shall be 28 days for books for adults and 14 days for other books or materials.
2. The following conditions shall prevent renewal of a book or material.
(1) It is reserved.
(2) It is overdue.
(3) Overdue points for the borrowing member exceeds 60.
3. For the renewal information, please access to the archive search system → click on “Reader information search” → enter the library card number and passwords → go to the “On loan”, mark the books you want to reserve and click on “Reservation”.

III. Late returns:
1. Members return books and materials late will accrue overdue points per book or material based on the number of days overdue.
2. There will be one overdue point for a book and material that is one day overdue.
3. Members with fewer than 60 overdue points may continue to borrow (including renew) and reserve books and use the interlibrary loan (ILL) service.
4. Members with over 60 overdue points will be suspended from borrowing (including renewing) and reserving books and using the interlibrary loan (ILL) service. In addition, the rights to borrow (including renew) and reserve books and use ILL service will be suspended for 60 days starting from the next day that all the overdue books and materials are returned.
5. Members who don't want to have their rights suspended may have the suspension voided immediately after paying a fine of NT$ 1 for one overdue point.

IV.The borrower shall examine the book or material for tearing, missing pages, missing appendix, marking, note and soiling on the spot and immediately inform the librarian of the condition if any.

V.Please take good care of the books and materials you borrowed. You will be asked to make compensation based on Article 21 of the Use and Management Policy if it is lost, torn, with missing pages, marked, noted or soiled.