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Points to Note for Borrowing Tablet Computers at Tainan Public Library

First amendment made on the Library Affairs Meeting on December 27, 2018
These Points to Note are enacted as a means to promote the use of digital resources, a tablet computer lending service is offered at Tainan Public Library (the Library) and in order to maintain a fair and safe environment for using such equipment.

Article 1 Service Objects: Readers with Tainan Public Library Card.

Article 2 Borrowing Procedures
1. The borrower shall use their own Library Card, Civil Card, or ID card to register to use a tablet computer; a reader may not borrow a tablet computer on behalf of another person or lend it to another person.
2. If a borrower is under the age of 18, a consent (original copy) of a parent or legal representative must be provided.
3. The borrower must make sure that the equipment is normal and complete on the spot; when a problem occurs, the borrower should immediately notify the librarian.
4. Each person is entitled to one tablet computer at a time with a loan period of 14 days which cannot be renewed.

Article Return Procedures
1. As a means to protect personal privacy, the borrower shall back-up, log out or delete all accounts and data upon returning a tablet computer. After a tablet computer is returned, personal files are deleted by the Library without making enquiries.
2. 10 penalty points per day shall be received by any borrower whose tablet computer is overdue. Overdue points for tablet computers are combined with overdue points for books. When an individual reaches 60 penalty points, his/her rights to borrowing a tablet computer and borrowing, reserving library materials are suspended. If a tablet computer is past due for over a month and not yet returned upon notification, the Library will send a legal attest letter to demand the item’s return through legal channels.

Article 4 Safeguarding and Using
1. The borrower must fulfill his/her responsibility in looking after the tablet computer and will protect the tablet computer from damage, being scratched or stained by food or drinks. A tablet computer should be kept away from high-temperatures or humid environments.
2. The borrower must comply with intellectual property rights and applicable laws. Where a borrower makes an intentional or negligent violation, he/she will be liable for legal responsibilities.
3. The borrower should not damage the hardware of a tablet computer or change system settings without authorization; he/she must not install or spread malicious programs.

Article 5 Damage and Loss Compensation
1. In the event of a tablet computer problem that is likely to be caused by its software upon borrowing, a librarian should be consulted. Borrowers must not perform repair work themselves.
2. When there is damage found after the tablet computer is returned, the Library will send it to its original factory for repair work. If it has been determined that human factors are the cause of the damage, the borrower will be liable for the compensation according to the actual cost of repair.
3. In the case of a lost tablet computer, the principle is for the borrower to compensate for the original tablet computer. Where there is a newer model available, it may be replaced with the newer model or compensated for by the price of the original tablet computer.
4. Prior to the borrower completing the compensation, the Library will suspend his/her borrowing rights to books and tablet computers.

Article 6. These Points to Note shall be effective immediately upon date of promulgation after being approved by the Library’s Affairs Meeting. The same shall be incorporated with amendment.