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Tainan Public Libraries - Use and Management Regulations

Fu-Fa-Gui-Zi Letter No.1010652987A issued by the Tainan City Government on August 13, 2012
Fu-Fa-Gui-Zi Letter No.1070292069A issued by the Tainan City Government on March 13, 2018
Article 1. These regulations are enacted based on Article 8 of the Library Act and Article 10, paragraph 1 of the Charges And Fees Act.
Article 2. The "competent authority" mentioned in these Measures refers to the Cultural Affairs Bureau, Tainan City Government.
Article 3. The opening hours and services of Tainan Public Libraries (Public Libraries) are subject to each library.
Article 4. The following measures must be complied with when entering a Public Library: 1. Be properly dressed and maintain a clean environment. 2. Communication devices such as mobile phones must be switched off or be on silent mode. If calls must be answered then this should be done outside. 3. Children under 6 must be accompanied by adults. 4. Care must be taken when using public facilities. 5. Private items must be looked after. 6. Librarians’ instructions for evacuation must be followed in the case of an emergency. 7. Other matters announced by the competent authority.
Article 5. Those who enter Public Libraries with one of the following conditions will be asked to leave:
1. Suffering from infectious diseases deemed by laws or under the influence of alcohol.
2. Lying down, drinking and eating, spitting, smoking, chewing betel nuts, loud, or other behavior that disturbs others’ reading.
3. Entering with an animal. However, this is not subject to qualified guide dogs accompanying those with vision impairment or professional guide dog trainers carrying out training.
4. Entering with a dangerous object.
5. Displaying leaflets, handing out flyers, or selling merchandise.
6. Other matters which violate laws and regulations or announcements made by the competent authority.
Article 6. A Library Card (Library Card) or Citizen Card must be shown when borrowing library items from Public Libraries, or it can be handled by a representative providing a letter of authorization with the ID documentation of both parties.
Article 7. An application must be completed upon applying for a Library Card and submitted to a Public Library with the following original copy of documentation:
1. Individual library card: (1) A citizen of the Republic of China shall present a national identification (ID) card or driver's license. (2) Minors who do not yet have a national ID card may apply by a parent or guardian using the national ID card and a household registration transcript. However, this is not subject to applications made in the campus. (3) Foreigners and Mainland Chinese shall present a passport, resident certificate, or entry/exit permit.
2. Family Library Card: This applies to households registered in Tainan City (the City) and shall be proceeded with ID cards of members of the family or full household registration transcript issued within three months. Each household is entitled to one card, with its head as the representative.
3. Group Library Card: Agencies, schools and entities and manufacturers registered in the City may apply using proof of registration as well as the ID card of the applicant, with the individual in charge as the representative.
The Library Card is applicable to all Public Libraries in the City, and may continue to be used after a verification is carried out every two years with the documentation mentioned in the preceding paragraph.
Article 8. Where the applicant is unable to apply for a library card in person, a letter of authorization as the original copy of ID documentation of both parties must be provided by the representative. The same shall apply upon application of verification or replacement.
Article 9. Information change or loss registration can be handled in any Public Library; if failing to register a lost card and matters in connection with fraudulent use of the owner’s library card occur, the card owner shall be liable for relevant compensation.
Article 10. Original copy of ID documentation stated in Article 7 shall be provided upon application of a replacement library card with a fee NT$50. If due to circumstance the applicant is suspended from exercising rights, he/she may proceed with the application after the suspension is over.
Article 11. Loan periods and number of library items allowed per library card are subject to announcements of the competent authority .
Article 12. Where library items borrowed are overdue, the card owner is unable to borrow again for as long as the accumulated overdue days are satisfied. A point is marked when a library item is one day past its due date. When points marked reached 60, the card owner will be suspended from borrowing, reserving and applying for inter-library loan. Where overdue items are returned to the library, the card owner is suspended from borrowing again for 60 days. A handling fee is calculated according to the accumulated overdue days; NT$1 is applied each overdue day and the borrower may resume borrowing items after the payment has been made.
Article 13. The following library items are only for reading within a Public Library; not for external borrowing:
1. Newspapers and current periodicals.
2. Other items that are strictly for reading inside a library, official uses or items with indication that they are not for external borrowing.
Article 14. Items borrowed shall be checked for damage, missing pages, missing annexes, markings, annotations or stains by the card owner on the spot. If above situations suffice, the borrower shall make a statement on the spot.
Article 15. If the borrowed book is required back by a Public Library, the borrower shall return the book within a week upon notice.
Article 16. Those who own a library card may use the WebPAC system to request books that are out on loan from any Public Library. Number of books and time limit for collecting the requested book per library card are subject to announcements of the competent authority .
Article 17. An individual is responsible for using materials, periodicals, newspapers and equipment inside a library with care; items may be taken out once the borrowing procedure is completed.
Article 18. Individuals who wish to read and make photocopies of materials from a library shall comply with the Copyright Act and other applicable laws and regulations. Charges for photocopying and printing materials are subject to the charge standards provided by the Tainan City Government and subordinate agencies and schools.
Article 19. Computers at the Internet Area are only for inquiry and printing purposes; facilities at the Audiovisual Area are only for viewing audiovisual materials at the public presentation edition purchased by the Library. A library card shall be registered prior to using the facilities mentioned in the preceding paragraph. Users at the Internet Area are limited to 30 minutes per session per person; users at the Audiovisual Area are limited to 2 hours per session per person. However, this is not subject to when there is no one waiting to use the facilities.
Article 20. A library card may not be collected or used by someone other than the card owner and it is not transferable. An individual’s library card will be cancelled when violating this rule and will be handled according to applicable laws and regulations.
Article 21. An individual is responsible for library items borrowed. Borrowers should compensate the library for loss, damage, missing pages, missing annexes, markings, annotations, or stains of the materials borrowed from the library with the same edition or newer. Periodicals and newspapers shall be recovered with the same name, issue and date. Where one of the books missing is from a volume, the single book may be recovered. If a book cannot be recovered in accordance with the preceding paragraph, it shall be compensated based on the following standards, or replaced by 2 books of the same classification published within 3 years at a higher list price:
1. Books priced in New Taiwan Dollars shall be based on their list price.
2. Books priced at base price shall be calculated at 50 times their base price.
3. Books priced in foreign currency shall be calculated based on the exchange rate of the day.
4. Continuous book volumes are priced at the total price of the entire volume; non-continuous volumes are priced at each book; where there is no price for each book, it shall be subject to the average price.
5. Chinese books without a marked price shall be priced based on NT$1 per page; where the number of pages of the book is unable to be provided, each book shall be priced at NT$400. Foreign books shall be priced based on NT$2 per page; where the number of pages of the book is unable to be provided, NT$400 per fictional book is priced and books in other categories are priced at NT$1,000.
6. Videotapes, VCDs, and CD-ROMs at the public presentation edition without a marked price shall be priced at NT$2,500, and home edition priced at NT$500. DVDs and LDs at the public presentation edition shall be priced at NT$3,500; home edition priced at NT$1,000. Audiotapes and CDs are priced at NT$500.
7. Where an annex is missing from a book, it shall be priced at the same price as the material to which it belongs. Where the borrower makes compensation to any Public Library past the due date, it shall still be handled according to Article 12.
In the case of a missing book being recovered within 3 months of compensation being made, the Public Library may refund the money where a receipt is provided. It will not be accepted without a receipt.
Article 22. An individual is prohibited from using the computer in a Public Library if the following conditions apply:
1. Damaging the internal or external network equipment, or host.
2. Spreading computer viruses.
3. Changing computer programs without authorization.
4. Downloading illegal software.
5. Connecting to pornographic sites.
6. Playing online or computer games.
7. Affecting the network security, reading order and other misconduct.
As a means to prevent various misconducts, a Public Library must be equipped with network monitoring and management software.
Article 23. These Measures shall be effective immediately upon date of promulgation.