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Use and management policy for Tainan Public Libraries

Use and management policy for Tainan Municipal Library
Established by Tainan City Government Fu Fa Gui Zi No. 1010652987A, on August 13, 2012

Article 1 This policy is created in accordance with Article 8 of the Library Act and Article 10 of the Charges and Fees Act.

Article 2 The competent authority is the Cultural Affairs Bureau of Tainan City.

Article 3 The bookshelves, the opening hours for each special room and their use of Tainan Municipal Library (hereafter refer to as "public library") will be governed by announcements made by each library.

Article 4 Please obey the following rules when entering the public library.
I. Keep your clothes tidy and the environment clean.
II. Please turn off your mobile phone, pager and other equipment or switch them to the silent mode. Please go outdoors to answer the phone.
III. Children under age 6 shall be accompanied by adults.
IV. Please use public equipment appropriately.
V. Please take care of your personal belongings.
VI. Please follow the direction of librarians in the event of an emergency or evacuation.
VII. Other announcements made by the competent authority.

Article 5 In the following situation, people may be asked to leave the public library:
I. People who have an infectious disease as defined by authorities, lack capacity to make decision and are drunk.
II. People whose actions will prevent others from reading such as sleeping, drinking, spitting freely, smoking and chewing betel nuts.
III. People bringing animals excluding certified guide dog and guide puppy brought by a professional trainer for training purposes.
IV. People carrying dangerous items.
V. People posting advertisement , handing out flyers or selling products.
VI. Other actions that violate the laws or are prohibited by the authorities.

Article 6 When borrowing books and materials at the library, please have your library card (hereafter refer to as "card") or the representative shall bring an authorized borrower's form and the national IDs of the applicant and the representative.

Article 7 When you apply for the library card, please complete the application and provide the library with the following documents.
I. For personal library card:
1. A Taiwanese Citizen shall bring their national ID card or driver’s license.
2. For children who don’t yet have national ID cards, parent(s) or legal guardian(s) shall bring their national ID card and household registration certificate to apply on behalf of the children. The requirements don't apply to group library card application at school.
3. Foreigners and Chinese shall bring their passport, alien resident certificate or entry/exit permit.
II. Family library card: Tainan (hereafter referred to as "our city") residents shall bring their ID card, household registry or household registration certificate valid for at least three months. There can be only one library card for a family with the head of the household as a representative.
III. Group library card: Organizations, schools and the registered enterprises in Tainan City may bring their registration certificate and the ID card of the applicant. The person in charge of the organization shall be the representative.

The library card is for all Tainan public libraries and shall be verified against the said certificates every couple of years.

Article 8 An applicant unable to apply for the library card in person may appoint a representative. The representative shall bring the authorized borrower's form and the national IDs of the applicant and representative. The requirements also apply to verification or renewing.

Article 9 If there is a change of information or loss of library card, the member shall go to any of our library to file for the change or loss. The member will be fully responsible for damages resulting from the identify theft without such filing.

Article 10 Members applying for the replacement of a lost card shall provide identification documents specified in Article 7 and pay NT $ 50 for the replacement. For an applicant whose card was suspended, an replacement will not be issued until the reason for suspension is resolved.

Article 11 The competent authority shall announce the maximum checkout items and period.

Article 12 The library will suspend their right to borrow books and materials based on the overdue points per overdue book. If a book or material was returned one day overdue, one overdue point will accrue. The rights to borrow and reserve books and use the interlibrary loan (ILL) service will be suspended for 60 days at 60 points starting from the next day that the overdue books and materials are returned. Members who don't want to have their rights suspended may have the suspension voided immediately after paying a fine of NT$ 1 for one overdue point.

Article 13 The following books and materials shall be available for viewing at the library only and may not to be checked out.
I. Newspapers, current periodicals and reference books.
II. Other materials that are available only for viewing at the library, for business use only or marked as "not available for checkout ".

Article 14 The borrower shall examine the book or material for tearing, missing pages, missing appendix, marking, note and soiling on the spot and immediately inform the librarian of the condition if any.

Article 15 The library may inform the borrower if it needs the book or material on loan. The borrower shall return it in a week after receiving the notification.

Article 16 People with library card may reserve any material on loan with the library via the reservation system. The competent authority shall announce the maximum reserved items and the pickup deadline per library card.

Article 17 Please take good care of the books and materials, periodicals, newspapers and equipment available at the library. You cannot take the materials off the premise without checking them out first.

Article 18 Please abide by the Copyright Law and other applicable regulations when you view and photocopy books and materials. The standard fees for information supplied by Tainan City Government and its schools and agencies apply to the photocopying and printing of library materials.

Article 19 The computers in the information search area are for researching and printing information only. The audio and video equipment is for viewing the audio and video materials available at the library only.
Members shall use the aforementioned equipment in the order of registration with the library using their library cards.
A member may use the information search area for up to 30 minutes and the audio/video disk area for up to 2 hours at a time if others are waiting.

Article 20 A member may not pick up or use someone else's library card. A member may not lend their library card to others. Violation will result in the voiding of the library card and legal actions.

Article 21 Members are responsible for the books and materials they borrowed from the library. If a book or material is lost, torn, with missing pages or appendices, marked, noted or damaged, the readers shall replace it with the same or a newer version as compensation. Periodical and newspaper shall be replaced with a publication of the same name, period and date. Reader may replace just the lost or damaged copy if it is part of a set. For the member who cannot replace it with the same, he or she shall purchase a whole new set for the library. He or she shall keep the original set. For those who cannot replace the book or material as described above, they shall provide compensation based on the following standards or buy two books of the same category that were published in the last three years and cost more than the list price of the lost or damaged book or material:
1. The compensation shall be twice the list price if the list price is in Taiwanese Dollars.
2. The compensation shall be 90 times the list price if the list price uses the basic list price scheme.
3. The compensation shall be twice the list price based on exchange rate of the day if the list price is in foreign currency.
4. The compensation shall be twice the list price of the set if it involves a set of books. The compensation shall be twice the list price of a single book if it is a non-consecutive set or twice the average price if there is no list price for a single book.
5. The compensation shall be NT$ 1 per page if the list price for the Chinese book is not specified. The compensation shall be NT$ 400 per book if the page information is not available. The compensation shall be NT$ 2 per page if the list price for the non-Chinese book is not specified. The compensation shall be NT$ 400 per book (fiction) and NT$ 1,000 per book (non-fiction) if the page information is not available.
6. The compensation for a public-viewing copy of video tape, VCD and CD-ROM shall be NT$ 2,500 and NT$ 500 for a home viewing copy. The compensation for a public-viewing copy of DVD and LD shall be NT$ 3,500 and NT$ 1,000 for a home viewing copy. The compensation for a audio tape or CD shall be NT$ 500.
7. The compensation for an appendix shall be twice the list price.

Article 22 The Library may ban a member from using the public computer if they:
1. Damage Internet or intranet equipment or the host computer at the library.
2. Spread computer viruses.
3. Change computer programs without permission.
4. Download illegal software.
5. Access pornographic websites.
6. Play online games or surf the internet.
7. Undermine network security and public order or act inappropriately.
A public library may install network control and management software to prevent these inappropriate behaviors.

Article 23 The policy shall be effective on the day of announcement.