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The borrowing affairs for Old Japanese Books

Approved by General affair meeting on March 9, 2010.

1.To help the read to read old Japanese Old, this Library formulates the borrowing items.
2.The old Japanese books are in close shelf, can only read in the library, avoid bring out the library as well as shall return at that day. If need copy, please copy in the library.
3.Readers who want to borrow the old Japanese book shall organize it with the ID card (foreigners shall have their Resident Permit with them) and file the “application form for borrowing old Japanese book”. Then turn in to the librarian to take the books. The ID card will return to the readers after return the old Japanese books they borrowed.
4.The number of book borrow allowed: 10 books per time per person.
5.Shall treasure the book you borrowed. Avoid damage, tear, mark, take note or bring out the library. If violent any of the above items, other than the loss compensation for library book in accordance with the formulation of the library, the library will terminate their borrowing right for a year.
6.The opening hours for borrowing is Tuesday to Sunday at 9am to 5pm (Monday, national holidays and the last Friday of each season are not opened for public.)
7.The reading items will carry out after passed by general affairs meeting, so does the amendment one.