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Management Rules for Study Room of Tainan Public Library

The Study Room is located at the Basement Level 1 of Tainan Public Library (the Library) with 133 seats; these Rules are enacted for the benefit of management.
2. Opening Hours:
Tuesday to Sunday: 8:30am to 8:30pm (fixed sessions)
Closed to the public on Mondays and national holidays.
3. Registration methods: Online reservation or on-site registration.
(1) Online Reservation (100 seats):
1. Readers holding the Library Card (including mobile Library Card) or Civil Card may make “reservations” on the Library website or through APP.
2. Each session is 3 hours; readers can only reserve and use 1 seat or space in the Library at a time.
3. The online system provides reservations within 14 days - not counting the day of reservation; registration is required on the spot for the same day use.
4. Should a reader wish to cancel a reservation, it must be done 30 minutes prior to the reservation time.
(2) On-site registration (33 seats):
1. Please register with the Library Card (including mobile Library Card) or Civil Card at the KIOSK in the Library.
2. Each session is 3 hours; readers can only register for and use 1 seat or space in the Library at a time.
3. The next available session may be reserved where all current seats on-site are full; readers should be on the spot prior to the reservation time.
4. A reader may register up to 2 sessions at the Study Room, including sporadic sessions.
4. Penalty Points:
(1) Readers must report to the entrance of the Study Room within 15 minutes (subject to the Seat Management System time) after the reservation time and have their Library Card scanned for seating. It is considered as giving up a seat if a reader fails to turn up at the required time. The seat is then open for other readers to register and use, and a penalty point will be received by the reader who has given up the seat without cancellation.
(2) Readers must present their own library card upon registration and use. A library card must not be used by another individual, exchanged or transferred to another individual. If such cases are discovered by the Library, the right to the use of the seat will be terminated and a penalty point will be received by the offender.
(3) Readers with registered seats must scan their library card when entering and exiting the Study Room. Where a reader is away from their seat for longer than one hour, the seat will be cancelled and on-site readers may register for the seat. Readers who are away from their seat for longer than one hour without prior cancellation will receive a penalty point.
(4) Other matters deemed as violations by librarians will receive a penalty point.
(5) If a reader reaches 3 penalty points on the Library’s Seat Management System, the Library will suspend the reader’s registration and using rights for 30 days on the Seat Management System and all penalties will be reset.
5. Points to Note:
(1) If one should discover items left by the previous reader when seated, please contact our librarians for assistance.
(2) Readers shall at all times keep their valuables with them; the Library is not liable for any missing item, nor does the Library safeguard items. Personal items must be taken away at closing time.
(3) Items readers leave behind are placed altogether at the designated Service Desk and must be collected during opening hours. Missing items are considered lost items if not claimed within three days. Any perishable item will be directly disposed of by the Library. .
(4) The Study Room must be kept quiet and all mobile phones on silent. A reader may talk on the mobile phone outside of the Study Room.
(5) As a means to maintain order and readers’ rights, the Library carries out a patrol on an unscheduled basis and readers should present their library card upon inspection.
(6) The Study Room is a public reading space; therefore behaviors affecting the right of other readers including lying down, smoking, eating or drinking, chasing or running, making loud noises, or taking up spaces with items are prohibited. In addition, as a means to maintain the reading quality, readers shall avoid making noises that disturb other readers.
(7) A reader violating these Rules or obstructing the public safety and order which affect the rights of others, or engaging in misconduct without making improvement upon warning may be asked to leave the Library according to the gravity of the situation. Police may be engaged where a situation is serious.
6. These Rules shall be effective immediately upon date of promulgation after being reviewed by the Library’s Affairs Meeting. The same shall be incorporated with amendments.